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For over 25 years CJ Blowers has built trusting and lasting relationships with its customers by providing them friendly, reliable and quality landscaping and construction solutions.

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Through word of mouth, CJ Blowers had grown substantially since their launch. In that time, they also purchased new equipment. As a result, their branding and website were outdated and their content was no longer speaking to their current capabilities and clients. Their existing website was non-responsive and lacked SEO, accurate content and a Call To Action (CTA).

CJ Blowers wished to build a digital presence by developing a new website to stay competitive, increase discoverability in search engine results, increase relevant traffic to their website, as well as build a means to generate, compile and manage leads for their sales process.



Utilizing brand exercises, FLD developed a new brand identity for CJ Blowers that was more in line with their evolved company mission, vision and values and that spoke to their audiences. Leveraging this and target market insights, we created a website with the objectives of showcasing CJ Blowers’ latest work and equipment while providing quick access to information, as well as capturing visitor information through appealing CTAs to drive future email marketing initiatives. FLD created the layout, sitemap, brand and design for the website which was developed using WordPress. While CJ Blowers already had existing content, the website required new copy with SEO and that spoke to their audiences in a friendly yet professional manner, using language that they could instantly relate to and understand.

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With a strong brand and content that truly speaks to their target audiences, CJ Blowers has increased their revenue and decreased costs. They can now conduct their online marketing efforts in-house, which are being redirected to an informative website consisting of a strong CTA. Designed to easily scale with their business, CJ Blowers’ new website is clean and professional, easy for users to navigate and prominently displays their value proposition and services directly on their homepage, making it quick and easy for visitors to access information and instantly request a quote.