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TECTA-PDS markets the world’s first, automated, EPA-approved microbiological water quality monitoring system, which lowers overall monitoring costs and improves both water quality and human health. Originally formed in 2003 under the name Pathogen Detection Systems (PDS) as a direct result of the Walkerton disaster in Ontario, Canada, TECTA-PDS was determined to revolutionize microbiological monitoring methods. With over 270 systems now around the world and adopted as the method to test water in over 25 countries, TECTA-PDS is succeeding in achieving its goal of setting the new standard for microbiological monitoring of drinking water quality.

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TECTA-PDS was acquired by a Canadian firm. As a result, their branding, communications and online presence all required updating. The existing website was non-responsive and lacked clear messaging about their products and offerings, as well as a Call To Action (CTA). In addition, their online social presence was incomplete and they needed help to increase their brand awareness and develop platforms for digital marketing.



In order to create a good foundation for their future online marketing efforts, we devised and implemented a brand and communications strategy which began with developing a new responsive and well-branded website. FLD created the layout, sitemap, brand, design and content for the website.


Case Studies

As part of the communications strategy, FLD created a quesionnaire for TECTA-PDS clients to complete; we used these to create an initial 14 case studies that showcased the benefits of using the TECTA-PDS system which we posted to the "Success Stories" section of the new website.

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Social Media

FLD develop and implemented a comprehensive and co-ordinated six-month social media campaign utilizing SEO techniques to build a social media presence on popular social media outlets, particularly LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media provided TECTA-PDS with the opportunity to build brand awareness, transmit messages to key audiences and drive website traffic at very low cost, offering big returns through more leads and prospects which in turn helped promote sales and grow revenue. Through all the activities, we presented a professional representation of TECTA-PDS that aligned closely with other marketing and branding efforts. Once the initial campaign was complete, the social media marketing activity was handed over to TECTA-PDS’ internal marketing manager for long-term activity.

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TECTA-PDS has increased their revenue and decreased costs. They can now conduct their online marketing efforts in-house, which are being redirected to an informative and responsive website consisting of a strong CTA. Within the first month of the social media campaign, TECTA-PDS’ reach grew by 300%. Sustained social media marketing efforts resulted in an increased awareness of the business, positioned TECTA-PDS as a positive and vital force in the water technology community and industry, helped them establish viable working partnerships with other businesses and industries, as well as increased positive recognition, enthusiasm and support for TECTA-PDS brand.

website echlon
website echlon